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Spreadsheets giving you headaches? You’re not alone.

How much do you or your department rely on Spreadsheets to share data or even manage critical parts of your business?

Whilst spreadsheets are extremely useful tools for organising, analysing and storing data they are really poor for collaboration when you need several parties to contribute.

Ultimately you end up sending spreadsheets via email and then have the pain of having to chase colleagues or team members to update the file and send it back. We’ve all been there!

Cleata solves this issue by allowing you to upload your spreadsheets and allocate rows of data to users and teams to respond to, effectively turning your Spreadsheet into a web application in minutes.

As Cleata is mobile responsive, users can respond, update and add new records from any device, anywhere.

Key use cases

Critical Business Processes

Need to issue data to for review? Upload your CSV or Excel file and allocate it to teams and users to review and amend.

Data Capture

Quickly turn your Excel spreadsheets into a simple web application to collect data anywhere.

Client Onboarding

System migration? Upload the dataset to verify the records before migrating across to the new system.

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