We are Cleata

Borne out of the frustration by the founder,  Cleata Limited was set up amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic in July 2020.


Our Location

We are proud to be based in the Capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. Not only is Edinburgh a wonderful city to live and work but it’s a technology hot spot.

Meet the Founder

Brendan Tate

Brendan has 15+ years experience of working in the Public Sector with 8 years experience running a consultancy business primarily working on Digital and Business Transformation programmes. He has worked on a variety of projects and programmes such as Information Security, Data Protection, Service Redesign, Property Asset Management and most recently as the Technology and Data Lead for a £150m building repairs and maintenance tender.

He founded Cleata as a solution to a common problem he had found throughout his career. 



“Everywhere you turn, services and departments use MS Excel as a means to collate data, in most cases this means sending the spreadsheet out to staff via email to populate and update. How do you track progress especially if you’re under a deadline and staff have their day job to do too? Likewise how much time do you spend ‘stitching’ the spreadsheet back together with everyone’s updates? Having spent a considerable amount of time collating data myself for a recent project, it would have been so much easier had a product existed whereby I could simply upload the spreadsheet and send the relevant rows to the right staff with the knowledge to update their bit and for me to track progress centrally. Cleata fixes that.’

Teams & Open Positions

Although we’re not looking for anyone at the moment, our team is always expanding. Send us a message via the Contact Us and we’ll be in touch if something comes up.

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